On Demand T-shirt Printing – A New Business Idea To Lead the Market


Garage based businesses – good side income, challenging to make a living when you can’t print a ton of stuff manually or compete on complexity or price effortlessly. Team wear is a superb market for garage printers. Numbers, names, team name and shirt markup provide decent margins. Once you hit 200 pieces any automatic print company usually takes your business with cheaper pricing. Garage printers max out at 200–300 shirts in a day. An automatic printer can hit 2000+ prints in a single day. Hard to compete. Internet sales at retail helps, obtain a DTG printer along with a 4–6 color hand press as well as a small gas oven for internet. All matches a 2 car garage. No rent to communicate in of, no labor to spend, it could be a family run business, but it hits a ceiling in terms of creating a good living unless you are able to sell at retail only.

Reasons Why T-Shirt Printing Business Will Trend In 2021

Stubby focused on multi-colored decals, some of them for branches in the service – mostly the US Air Force – in the spot. He also made posters for that window of groceries along with other stores. A fellow named Felix will come in regularly dropping off and grab orders to the grocery where he worked. Stubby and Felix got along well together: they would laugh and tell stories like old friends. Stubby also did t shirt printing, hats, and anything else people wanted screen printed.

The Screen printing process can be a strategy of by using a mesh to transfer ink for the substrate that is certainly used.


The good news about starting a t-shirt printing business today is that it’s less expensive and more accessible of computer was in yesteryear. Technology is much more affordable now laptop or computer was 20 roughly years back. You don’t need to have a outlet to offer your products or services anymore.