Friday, September 22

The Power of Social Listening in Generating Business Leads

Social listening entails

NetbaseQuid is an analytic company that dwells in customer intelligence to create leads and understand the market better. It uses data analytics to predict market trends in both structured and unstructured data. Social listening is one of the most powerful tools that help identify problems facing consumers, and it is also used to generate business leads.

Learn the Target Audience

Social listening entails listening to the audience; however, to turn the target audience to become loyal customers, you have to understand and speak their language. When you understand their language, you will create a message that will arouse their eagerness and excitement towards your products and services. Reach out on social media platforms and follow up on their conversations, and through this process, you will perfectly understand the target audience.

Establish Consistent Listening

Social listening requires commitment, persistence, and consistency because it is a slow process yet effective. The loyalty of customers is defined by the quality of products and services you provide, therefore, to generate business leads through social listening is by using unique and quality keywords attached to the brand.

Provide Quality Services

Most businesses fall due to poor customer experience, and it is the determining factor on whether customers will be interested in your products or services. Social listening is a spectacular tool to improve customer experience, for instance, responding to the customer questions and complaints makes them feel more valued. Gather feedback customers give regarding your products and make sure you reach them out. You do not need to meet them physically but find them on the social platforms and respond to them with genuine answers.

Brand Influencers

The more you listen, the higher the chances of meeting brand influencers. Influencers have a significant impact, especially when generating business leads because the audience will reach them for advice regarding a particular product or service. Gather their conversations data and analyze it continuously; through this process, you will identify the problems the target audience is facing then offer a solution. NetbaseQuid offers variable services, for example, to boost campaign performance and protect the health of a brand. These solutions play a vital role in generating business leads. NetbaseQuid solutions have one objective, that is, to boost the success of a business.

Identify New Opportunities

Social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook provide conversations that lead to new opportunities. Listening effectively to the problems highlighted will generate new business opportunities. Tracking brand keywords can as well generate business leads by consistently listening to what people are saying on social platforms. Moreover, use unique keywords, for example, “looking for a vintage house in California.” Using that particular keyword, identify how many people ask the same question and how many times. Through this process, you will end up with potential leads in your business. Moreover, using the same information, identify the trends, and tap the business opportunity.


Learning in collaboration with listening plays a significant role in generating leads for a business. Read relevant blog posts, listen to business podcasts. Use information from favorite brands to catch new business leads. NetbaseQuid uses social listening to generate business leads and also help discover new opportunities in the market niche.

Use Hashtags

Follow the hashtags of your company and listen to the conversations therein. These hashtags will help the influencers following them, and the potential business leads as well. Moreover, hashtags typically reflect the taste of your products and services to your customers, and it is a strong will to solve the problems facing your market niche.

We are in a world where technology has revolutionized the way of living, and today almost everyone is trolling in the media platforms. All these people participating in social media conversations are potential leads to your business; what is required is just listening.